There are so many terrific language apps out there it is hard to choose. Here we review exceptional language apps like Duolingo, LingoDeer, Babbel, FluentU, and Mondly.

1.      Duolingo

Duolingo app gives users a fun way to learn more than 19 languages. The app features learning options for Japanese, French, Italian and many others. Duolingo was designed by qualified teachers.

Language games let players earn rewards, level up, and accomplish tasks. The gameplay allows language learners to have clear objectives throughout the learning process. Fun quizzes test a user’s vocabulary and speaking skills.

The app can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. The download is free, with the option of in-app purchases.

2.      LingoDeer

LingoDeer has many interactive lessons for learning a range of languages. The app tests writing, vocabulary, and speaking skills. The best part is that users don’t need to spend hours learning basic language concepts. Lessons are short and meaningful.

Users who sign up for a free account can use grammar lessons to test their competency. The popular language learning app offers comprehensive lessons in German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, and many others. LingoDeer can be downloaded to Android and iOS devices for free.

3.      Babbel

Babbel uses repetition to help users memorise the vocabulary. The lessons include exercises for reading, writing, and listening. Lessons are short, so you can follow your usual daily routine without any hassle.

Interactive courses are available for beginner and advanced users in more than 14 languages. Downloading Babble is free on Android and iOS.

4.      FluentU

FluentU takes on a whole different approach to language learning. Users can use the video library to gain maximum exposure to the language of learning. The video library features movie trailers, shows, and news in different languages. Users can learn more than 10 languages with FluentU. FluentU is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

5.      Mondly

Mondly app helps users to practise their interpersonal communication skills by providing real-world contexts and conversations. Users can access a library of useful phrases, dictionaries, and voice recordings while learning a new language. Mondly currently features more than 33 languages and is suitable for iOS and Android.

Download these language learning apps for free. Learn more about language training and language acquisition at The Spanish Machine.